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Episode 59: Reggies cuts; Steelers at Raiders

We discuss the win against the Steelers, the team's potential this year, the work Reggie McKenzie has done to this roster, & preview the Eagles game.

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Episode 58: Raiders at Chiefs Wrap

Raiders at Chiefs Shortcuts

We breakdown the defeat in KC, how Pryor is handling the loss, the injury situation heading into the bye, and preview the Steelers game.

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Episode 57: Raiders at Chiefs Preview; Chargers at Raiders Wrap

Week 6 Chiefs Preview


We discuss the Raiders' trip to London next season, the QB situation, review the Chargers contest, & preview the Chiefs game.

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Episode 56: Chargers at Raiders Preview

Chargers at Raiders Preview


We play the blame game for the collapse vs. the Skins, discuss Flynn's performance & demotion, McFadden's future, stadium news, & preview Chargers game.

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Episode 54: Jaguars at Raiders; MNF Preview

Week 3 at Denver Preview

We discuss all the Raiders & NFL news that has developed since the Jags game and share our thoughts on what the Raiders victory in the home opener means moving forward.  

We break down the game & grade players, & preview the Monday Night Football game in Denver.

Episode 53: Raiders at Colts

We discuss the Raiders performance in Indianapolis & what it means moving forward, hand out our first set of game grades for 2013, breakdown the critical moments of this Colts game, & preview the upcoming home opener against the Jaguars.

Episode 52: The Messy Preseason

We discuss Terrelle Pryor's shot at starting, the disastrous offensive line, the vanilla D, who will be cut, & Tim's shameless plug of "The Fitz Blitz," on 89.5 FM in Vallejo, CA www.OzcatRadio.com

Tune in Monday mornings 7-9 AM. …

Episode 51: Inside First Week of Training Camp

We share our analysis from three collective days of training camp, breaking down the position groups, discussing our first experiences as media at camp, & look ahead to the Cowboys game.

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Episode 50: Woodson Returns & Draft Wrap

We welcome back Charles Woodson & breakdown the 2013 draft class.

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Episode 49: Free Agency Wrap & Draft Preview

We analyze the continuing changes on the Raider roster, especially at QB & DB, tear Rolando McClain a new one -- one last time -- have our final pre-draft discussion, & share our 1st impressions of the 2013 schedule.

Episode 48 Short Cuts: Rookie Scouting Part 2

Rookie Scouting Reports 2

We discuss the Raiders free agency strategy, who’s in & who’s out, & the Palmer/Flynn situation. We’ll also take a look around the AFC West, discuss new rule changes in the NFL, and breakdown a few more potential draft picks, including Sharrif Floyd & Manti Te’o.

Episode 47: State of the Franchise

We address the state of the franchise & the league, play the final round of stay or go, & 3-4 or no, & breakdown some of the early scouting we’ve done for this April’s draft. 

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Episode 46 Short Cuts: Super Bowl Predictions, Te'o & McClain

Super Bowl 47 Picks

Dumb & Dumber: Te'o & McClain

We make our picks for Super Bowl 47 -- no surprise which way we're leaning.  And discuss two middle line backers who have made some questionable off-field decisions, one a potential future Raider, another a future former Raider.

Full Episode 44: Chiefs at Raiders 12/20/12

Full Episode 43: Broncos at Raiders 12/12/12

Episode 42 Short Cuts: A Message for McClain

A Message for Rolando McClain

We grade & breakdown the loss in Cincinnati, McClain's status in limbo, ask Raider Nation to send in their Christmas wish list & hear us out, & the Browns game preview.

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Full Episode 41: 11/21/12

Episode 40: Raiders at Ravens

Todd Addresses the State of the Franchise, and the team's lack of an identity. 

We break down as much as we can tolerate of the Ravens game, hand out some grades, discuss what this loss could mean for this team looking forward, take a look around the AFC West, & preview the Saints game.

Episode 39: Buccaneers at Raiders

Todd Chides Tim for Leaving Game Early


We break down what went wrong against the Bucs, discuss if Carson Palmer remains the QB of the future, remind Tommy Kelly to shut the hell up, hand out some grades, & preview Sunday’s game in Baltimore.

Episode 38: Raiders at Chiefs

What's wrong with Lechler?


We analyze the win in KC, share what we learned from this game, expand the grades segment & move it ahead of the breakdown, work in some special breakdown music again, & preview the game against the Tampa Bay.

Full Episode 37: 10/25/12

Full Episode 36: 10/17/12

Full Episode 35: 10/4/12

Episode 34: Steelers at Raiders

Week 4 at Denver Preview

Week 3 Grades

We breakdown the victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, talk about the recent Raiders transactions, hand out some game grades, take a look around the AFC West, & preview the game in Denver.

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Episode 33: Raiders at Dolphins

Ref Riff

We Tried

We break down the debacle in Miami, talk about the Raiders' injury problems, the difficult schedule, introduce a new segment, "We Tried," riff on the replacement refs, take a look around AFC west, & preview the Pittsburgh game

Episode 32: 2012 Opener - Chargers at Raiders

Ten Positives From Season Opener

Week One Game Grades

The regular season has begun... with a dud vs. the Chargers.  We break down what went wrong, what the Raiders must do to fix it, 10 positives from week 1, grade the players & coaches, & preview week 2 in Miami.

Episode 31: 2012 Season Preview

DVD Ejected

Jersey Stories

On the official 2012 season preview of the Finest Hour, we talk about the multitude of personnel changes the Raiders have made, break down the depth chart, take look around the AFC West, & make our predictions for the 2012 Raiders as we go through the season schedule.

Episode 30: Lions at Raiders - Preseason

The 3 problematic position groups for the Raiders

                Offensive Line

               Defensive Backs

               Special Teams

We breakdown player performances against the Lions, analyze the transactions the Raiders have made in the last few days & ones we feel they should make, predict who survives the next round of Raiders cuts & who doesn’t, take a look around the AFC west, ask Raider Nation a few questions about their jersey choices & twitter habits, & preview the preseason finale in Seattle.

Episode 29: Cowboys at Raiders - Preseason

Terrelle Pryor: Rough Start, Bright Future

Lew Wolff should die of gonorrhea & rot in hell

We break down week 1 of the 2012 preseason by position groups, preview week 2 in Arizona, take a look around the AFC West, slam Lew Wolff & the infield dirt, & share some laughs from the current series of Hard Knocks covering the Dolphins.

Episode 28: Minicamp Wrap

Todd takes Michael Huff to task for throwing the late, great Al Davis under the bus. We cover all the notes & quotes from minicamp, break down the position groups, & project the starting 22.

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2012 Draft Class

We take a look at the 2012 draft picks of the Oakland Raiders, give our own scouting report based on the film we've watched, and even find out what draft guru Mel Kiper had to say about the Raiders picks before the draft.

Episode 27: The After Draft

We take a moment to remember NFL great Junior Seau & also MCA of the Beastie Boys, before discussing the multitude of problems retired NFLers face, breaking down the Raiders draft picks, & the 2012 schedule.  …

Episode 26: The League Year Begins

Manning vs. Tebow: Did Denver do the right thing? Who would Raider Nation rather face now & in future?

The 2012 league year has begun, & we look at who has arrived & departed from Oakland, what we & Raider Nation think of GM Reggie McKenzie so far, the major changes in the AFC West, & the Saints bounty scandal.

Episode 25: Coaching Staff Takes Shape

Tim & Todd, analyze the new assistant coaches on the Raiders staff, talk about the exciting Super Bowl & terrible Pro Bowl, & make the case for Tim Brown to be in the Hall of Fame.

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Episode 24: Dennis Allen Hired as Head Coach

Quick Hits: Mornhinweg as head coach, Tommy Kelly as an NT, & no rebuild for the Raiders

Championship Sunday Recap: Harbaughs the goats

The Raiders hire Dennis Allen as head coach, stealing him away from the hated Broncos.  We analyze the hire, who stays & who goes on the Raiders defense, & review Championship Sunday.

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Episode 23: McKenzie Hired, Jackson Fired

Top 10 Reasons for Firing Hue Jackson


Big changes for the Raiders.  New GM Reggie McKenzie is introduced, and his first order of business is to fire Hue Jackson.  

We analyze the changes, take a look at who will be back & who won't for the Raiders on offense, and make our playoff picks.

Full Episode 22: Chargers at Raiders

Episode 21: Lions at Raiders

A very therapeutic episode this week to help Raider Nation get over the loss against Detroit & the 3 game losing streak, as Todd takes us through the 7 stages of grief.  We analyze what caused the Raiders collapse against the Lions & preview the game in Kansas City.

Episode 20: Raiders at Packers

We attempt to answer why the Raiders have played so poorly & looked flat 2 weeks straight, breakdown the Packer game, analyze the state of the teams' psyche, answer listener email, & preview the upcoming game against Detroit.

Episode 19: Raiders at Dolphins

Tebow Mania: Tim has had enough of the underdog, victim, narrative for Tebow

We break down the disaster against the Dolphins, discuss Rolando McClain's future w/ the Raiders, address Tebow Mania, and preview game in Green Bay.

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Episode 18: Bears at Raiders

Tim teaches a valuable lesson to Raider Nation on how to treat fellow Raider fans

Todd Breaks Down Why Dolphins Game is a Must Win for Raiders 

We breakdown the Bears game, take a look at the muddled AFC playoff picture, let Stevie Johnson know we still think he's funny, answer listener email, & Tim shares an important lesson with Raider Nation.

Episode 17: Raiders at Vikings

We break down the nail biting, unnecessarily close win in Minnesota.  We also analyze the why the Raiders lead the league in penalties by such a wide margin, and if the calls this past Sunday were fair, along with a preview of the Bears game.

Episode 16: Raiders at Chargers

We recap the win at San Diego, preview the upcoming Vikings game & the rest of Raiders schedule.

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Episode 15: Broncos at Raiders

Tim goes on without an ailing Todd this week, & goes off on the Raiders defensive collapse & Hue Jackson's mismanagement of the offensive game plan.  He breaks down who was responsible for allowing the Broncos big runs, previews the Chargers game, & answers listener email.

Episode 14: Midseason Review

Can TJ Houshmandzadeh still play? And who will the Raiders cut to make room for him?

We review the performance of the Raiders players & coaches, at the midpoint of the season, update the injury report & recent transactions, & preview this weeks game against the Denver Broncos.

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Episode 13: Chiefs at Raiders

Game Grades: Week 7            

Can the Raiders still win the AFC West? Tim & Todd tackle that question, analyze the injury situation & Carson Palmer's play, & breakdown the loss to KC. Also, Todd demands Derek Hagan be a starter, & we answer listener email.

Episode 12: Browns at Raiders

Analysis of Carson Palmer trade & the price the Raiders paid to get him.

Carson Palmer is a Raider! Tim and Todd analyze the acquisition of the former pro-bowl QB, & the price it took to get him. They also break down the win against the Browns, express their concern over coach Jackson's risk taking & preview next week's game against the Chiefs.

Episode 11: Remembering Al Davis

We take time to remember the heart & soul of the Raiders, Mr. Al Davis, as we reflect on his impact on the Raiders, the NFL, and Raider Nation.  We also break down the dramatic win in Houston, and answer listener email.

Episode 10: Pats at Raiders

Tim & Todd rant on bad officiating in Pats game & on Jerry McDonald's dismissal of it's affect on the outcome

On this week's episode of the Raiders Finest Hour, Tim and Todd try to make sense of the terrible officiating in Sunday's 31-19 loss to the New England Patriots, and Tim responds to Jerry McDonald's critique of Raider Nation. …

Episode 9: Jets at Raiders

Week 3: Jets at Raiders    Game Grades

Tim & Todd break down the big win against the Jets in the home opener, answer listener email, make a case for Samson Satele and Denarius Moore to claim some accolades, and preview the game against the Pats.

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